Every child needs to feel loved and wanted, that he matters very much to someone, and that there are people near him who care what happens to him.


Every child needs to know that his home is a good, safe place he can feel secure about, that his parents or other protective adults will always be on hand, especially in times of crisis when he needs them most, and that he belongs to a group — that there is a place where he fits in.


Every child needs to believe that she is liked for herself, just the way she is, and that she is liked all the time, and not only when she acts according to other’s ideas of the way a child should act.


Every child needs to know that she will be encouraged to try new things and to grow, and that there is confidence in her and in her ability to do things for herself by herself.


Every child needs to feel that she will be kept safe from harm and that when she must face strange and unknown situations, someone will be there to help.


Every child needs to have a set of moral standards to live by and a belief in the human values of kindness, courage, honesty, generosity and justice.


Every child needs to know that there are limits to what he is permitted to do and that he will be held to his limits, and though it’s all right to feel jealous and angry, he will not be allowed to hurt himself or others when he has these feelings.


Every child needs to have “friendly” help in learning how to behave towards persons and things, and adults around him who show him the example of how to get along with others.

Published by Cindy Thomas

Google+ Cindy Thomas : Cynthia started her first school 30 years ago in Brevard County, FL. She is the Head of Schools for 6 Montessori Schools throughout Brevard and Leon Counties, Florida; she holds AMS certification, as well as, degrees from the following: Florida State University in Child Development; California State in Child Development; Chaminade University, HI, Montessori Specialization 5th Year Program, 3-6; Chaminade University, HI, Master of Science in Teaching; Montessori Teacher Education Center, CA, Infant/Toddler Training 03, Elementary Training, 6-9, 9-12.

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