International “Sing Peace Around the World” Event

All of the students from Educational Horizons Charter School and Country Day for Children participated in the International “Sing Peace Around the World” event on Friday, September 21st, on their campus in West Melbourne.  The students were led in song and the accompanying sign language by first and second grade teacher, Heidi Murphy.  This is a yearly event when children from schools all around the world sing for peace.  They join together for this historic day, “That our wish for world peace will one day come true!”

As the Montessori schools around the world gathered at their scheduled time, in their own time zones, and sang the same song, “Light a Candle for Peace” written by Shelley Murley, the website, posted a candle on the global map, marking their school.  It was fun for the students to watch the progression of the candles lighting all around the world in unity for their wish for world peace.

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