Holiday Recipe for a Peaceful Home

Love Unconditionally.

Practice Patience.

Be Forgiving.

Respect All Living Things.

Connect With the Gift of Nature.

Perform Random Acts of Kindness.

Embrace An Attitude of Gratitude.

Hold Dear Family Rituals and Traditions.

Listen With An Open Heart and Mind.

Smile Often.

Holiday Recipe for a Peaceful Child

Honor Your Child’s Need for Order and Structure.

Encourage Independence.

Provide Gentle, Loving Guidance Mixed With Fairness and Kindness.

Be Consistent.

Help Your Child Express Healthy Emotions.

Teach Tolerance of Others.

Give Your Child Effective Communication Tools.

Expect Good Manners.

Instill Values and Morals.

Hug Often.

Happy Holidays!

Published by Cindy Thomas

Google+ Cindy Thomas : Cynthia started her first school 30 years ago in Brevard County, FL. She is the Head of Schools for 6 Montessori Schools throughout Brevard and Leon Counties, Florida; she holds AMS certification, as well as, degrees from the following: Florida State University in Child Development; California State in Child Development; Chaminade University, HI, Montessori Specialization 5th Year Program, 3-6; Chaminade University, HI, Master of Science in Teaching; Montessori Teacher Education Center, CA, Infant/Toddler Training 03, Elementary Training, 6-9, 9-12.

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