What Every 4-year-old Child Could Learn

graduation_cap_and_diplomaImagine a program that opens up the world to your child right in his/her Classroom. The opportunity to learn to read, work with numbers into the thousands using hands on Montessori materials and explore the World through learning about continents, countries and states is just a small example of a Montessori VPK Classroom.

Imagine a classroom where Geography comes alive through cultural celebrations and studies of land forms. And don’t forget Geometry. Just this morning, I had a conversation with my Pre-K grandson about the different kinds of triangles he was forming using a folded out CD case (i.e. isosceles, scalene, and quadrilaterals). Can you see your child knowing the different kinds of triangles as he heads for Kindergarten? All of this and more is possible through choosing the right Montessori VPK program that provides these opportunities on a daily basis.

Montessori programs provide individual, academic learning experiences. No Child is held back waiting for the other children to catch up. It’s a Class where young children learn from older children. The four year old always wants to do what the older children are doing; that is the advantage of the multi-year age grouping in the 3-6 classroom. The love of learning and self-discipline is the result of a Montessori Education.

VPK is a free program, available to all children who turn 4 years old on or before Sept. l, 2013. Parents can choose from a variety of programs; from an accredited Montessori School, daycare, preschool or church-affiliated program.

Make sure you tour each facility thoroughly, meet the teachers and staff, and observe the classrooms in action before you make a final decision. As a parent, you will want to choose a program that will unleash your child’s full potential.

Published by Cindy Thomas

Google+ Cindy Thomas : Cynthia started her first school 30 years ago in Brevard County, FL. She is the Head of Schools for 6 Montessori Schools throughout Brevard and Leon Counties, Florida; she holds AMS certification, as well as, degrees from the following: Florida State University in Child Development; California State in Child Development; Chaminade University, HI, Montessori Specialization 5th Year Program, 3-6; Chaminade University, HI, Master of Science in Teaching; Montessori Teacher Education Center, CA, Infant/Toddler Training 03, Elementary Training, 6-9, 9-12.

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