When you enroll your child in a Montessori school, you join a warm and welcoming community of teachers, students, and families. Being an active part of that community can bring many rewards: a voice in your child’s education; greater contact with teachers and school administrators; and a window into the Montessori way, among others.

There are many ways to support your child’s school, even if you have little time to spare. Volunteers are an asset to any school. So are parents who stay informed and interested in the school community, as well as those who contribute financially.

One of the best ways to support your child’s school is to learn about the Montessori approach and practice it at home. Bridging how your child learns at school and at home benefits your child, your family, and the entire school community.


Getting Involved

All vibrant school communities need extra hands on deck, though the particulars for pitching in may vary from school to school. Teachers may welcome parents into the classroom to help with activities or to share special skills. Parent committees run many school-wide functions, such as art shows, class picnics, and fund-raising events. If you can’t volunteer on a regular basis, choose an event that works for you. If you’re a working parent, ask about ways you can help from home.

Check with your school to see how you can get involved. You may be able to—

  • serve on the school’s Parent Teacher Organization;
  • share cultural or ethnic celebrations with your child’s class;
  • plan or supervise excursions or service projects;
  • help plant a Peace Garden;
  • … and much more!


Staying Informed

Make it a point to know what’s going on at your child’s school. Read school newsletters and e-mails, and attend conferences and meetings. Ask your child about her day.

Getting to know the teachers and administrators will also help you feel connected. Ask for the best time and way to reach them—to ask questions, share insights, and suggest ideas.

Many Montessori schools hold parent education meetings, a great way to learn more about Montessori and general parenting issues.

Offering Financial Support

Many Montessori schools are privately owned and funded by tuition revenue. Like other private schools, they depend on contributions to pay for special programs such as tuition assistance and teacher enrichment, to undertake capital improvements, and to purchase items beyond the school’s operating budget.

Public Montessori schools also hold fundraisers or accept donations to support field trips, cultural events, and other program enhancements.

You can help by working on fundraising events and contributing financially to support your child’s school.

Originally published on the American Montessori Society Website.

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